Sales Manager

Organize your sales processes for better efficiency. Build a sales funnel, share it with your sellers. Automate reminders

Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Manager
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This tool will help you manage your sales funnel . The system can work just for you or your entire organization.

You start by specifying the type of sale, price and stage. This way you can build a simple sales funnel and follow it to see how many customers are on track to close a sale.



You get instant insight into how much money you've made and how much is in the pipeline at various stages of the sales process.

This tool, in addition to tracking your and your employees' sales leads, allows you to build:

  • tasks with fixed deadlines. Thanks to this, you can define the next steps in the lead generation process.
  • Continuations. To never miss the next call.
  • Generating invoices. If you need to create an invoice for a sale you've made, you can do it right away.

If you work alone and tracking your sales funnel is very important to you, imagine how it improves your company's performance when you have employees. This becomes fundamental.




use the "Use Tool" button and learn more

Yes, that's what this module is for

Yes, you have predefined stages, or you can add your own

Yes you can

Yes you can

Yes you can

yes you can, and then generate a progress report

Yes, you can do it together with others

Yes, here

Yes, you can generate it

Yes you can just click the button

Yes, you can add a recursive record. What does it mean? The sales record will be generated periodically. It can be processed by your employees, but it can generate and send an invoice immediately

Yes, you can limit the view to only your records, you will see everything

Yes, it can, but you can turn it off

Yes you can do it manually or with an excel file

Yes there are several ways to do this. Starting with the form for collecting leads

How to increase sales with a sales manager

How to increase sales with a sales manager

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