Start an online restaurant

Running a restaurant can be thought, but with online experience you can build a very stable income. Learn how to run your restaurant online

How people pay you

At this stage, you need to choose how you want to receive payments from your customers. Let us give you a brief introduction to each of the available methods.

  • Cash. Here it's simple: by ...

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Available lessons

Setup a system

"Easy start"


"Your unique address"

How people pay you

"Choose your strategy"

Operating model

"How you deliver"

First products

"Your menu"

Page Layout



"Managing orders"

Delivery people

"Manage deliveries"

Print orders

"Kitchen printer"

Ordering page

With an order page builder, you can build a website where people can order food from you

Ordering page
Ordering page
Ordering page
Ordering page
Ordering page
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