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With an order page builder, you can build a website where people can order food from you

Ordering page
Ordering page
Ordering page
Ordering page
Ordering page
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With an ordering site builder, you can build a website where people can order food from your restaurant. We have done everything to help you build an ordering system tailored to your needs. You can define working hours, delivery zones, allergens, add-ons, variants, packaging costs and much more

We handle all types of orders:

  • Delivery
  • To go
  • Orders at the table
  • Table reservations

You can build a simple or advanced menu using our combo builder. You will be able to create an attractive offer for your customers. Orders arrive at your restaurant in four different ways:

  • to your site
  • To your inbox (email)
  • To our mobile applications (mobile POS)
  • To the kitchen printer (as a voucher)

The system provides a number of options to help build effective marketing campaigns, such as: simple newsletters, discount codes, offers, and even advanced affiliate programs for partners.

There are many integration options that will allow you to connect payment gateways or delivery partners.

Thanks to our system, you can build a website where people will be able to order food with delivery, personal pickup or to the table

You have at your disposal a mobile application that works in the Micro PSO formula, allows you to receive, accept and cancel orders. It allows you to print receipts in the kitchen and the like


You can embed an order widget on your restaurant website

With the help of this application you can build your online menu

You can set different types of price variants depending on your needs. For example, too large, small and medium food

You can freely deselect products to make it easier for the buyer to navigate

You can specify simple variants in which a person selects the specifics of the product

You can specify add-ons that the customer can choose for a specific item free of charge or for a fee


If you want to create a wizard for your product, the orderer can choose different things in certain criteria to build a product tailored to him

You can specify allergens to make it easier for the customer to make a choice. With less hassle on your own

You can manually add an order if, for example, someone orders it over the phone

The ordering system has a very nice configuration option in which the customer can place an order, the transfer of which depends on whether you or your team confirm it. An important element of this system is our micro POS application

Collection of orders in delivery, personal collection or to the table. Immediately or at a specific date and time. The system works in such a way as to keep an eye on the execution date, which is safe for you. The customer will not order food outside working hours, preparation if you do not want it. May or may not place orders in advance, it's all up to you

The customer places an order for delivery by providing the address. The system checks the possibilities and delivery dates in a specific address and calculates the cost of transport.

On the map, you can define different areas of operation and enter the terms and prices of deliveries. You can also do this at the postcode or city level. As much as you prefer to simplify or complicate it

You have the option to integrate the delivery service with Stewart, then someone else will do the delivery

the customer has the option of ordering a meal with personal pickup for a specific time and date (according to your settings)

You have the option of creating multiple pick-up locations that the customer can choose when placing an order in this form

You can set special discounts for those who pick up the order in person

you can scan the QR code using the mobile application when the customer comes to pick up the order

You can take orders and payments from the table. When ordering, the customer either enters the table number or goes to the counter with the barcode

You can enable the ability to add tips to each order.

You can change the delivery times of each order dynamically


You can let customers give feedback on orders

You have the option to generate a link to a partner and pay him a commission for the clients he brings

You can add any subpage with any information you want to your restaurant page

You can add any banners, pop-ups and information

You can track the position of your suppliers live, send them delivery tasks and check the status of fulfillment. The client also has this information

Go to this website https://pizzadipasta.com there is a demo of the ordering system

10 minutes and you have an ordering page. You need to spend some time on the products and their configuration, but before that you should get to know our system best during the available trainings. Then the eyes open to the enormity of possibilities that lie dormant here

Unfortunately, uber does not provide an option to connect to their deliveries if you are not on their UberEats food selling platform. As we know, it may not be profitable. That's why in the system you have a number of options to solve it, such as: the ability to build your own team of suppliers, you can even share them with other restaurants to make it cheaper. You also have the option of integrating with players such as the steward

No, we charge such fees, but the payment operator you choose will probably get a few percent ... unless you do it in personal collections or in the form of payment by terminal on delivery or in cash

Yes! This is how it was designed to be in the kitchen on a tablet, at the bar and at the boss's computer. He sends e-mails, pushes, text messages and everything to complete the order on time. Our best partners have 20-minute deliveries

And we're fit! And both open and closed. If you insist, you can even subscribe to access to your dark restaurant

Yes, we're fit. You can set the system to accept orders only in advance. You can fill the slots with order quantities. For example, Friday the 14th only 6 orders. It's all here and configurable. All you need to do is attend training and get to know the system

No, definitely not. What people deliver with the help of our system goes beyond our imagination. Because it is a universal system for fulfilling orders in short periods. So it can be used to deliver, for example, groceries, meat. Build a greengrocer and in some places on earth even deliver medicines (not in Poland)

Click, use the tool, get inside for free and see for yourself how it works.

In practice, up to 50 people responsible for this segment. It all depends on your organization, we make it easy to manage and accept orders on a large scale

Yes, we have an option in the system in which the manager has access to several franchises, we also have a special option of combining restaurants into one ordering service with a selected range: Region, City, Country

POS integration depends on which POS you have. We answer this question individually

Yes we can, all you have to do is connect our application with the printer. We recommend a suitable type of printer similar to what UberEats recommends

It depends. It was not built as a typical mobile POS, but the application allows the waiter to take orders. however, it should be remembered that if you care about time, this is not the most effective solution. Check for yourself how it works and judge for yourself whether the intensity of work and the design of the application suits you.

It is worth noting, however, that the application certainly significantly or even radically speeds up the search and receipt of orders by searching them on the basis of the built-in QR code analyzer

Each provider you add downloads applications. He enters the code you send him and that's where the deliveries jump in. He checks the information there, he can turn on the navigation, take a photo of the delivery or change the status. And you and the client can see where he is and whether he is doing his job. In this way, it can be motivated and accounted for

Sometimes it happens that someone in the area in which you operate builds their equivalent of a local uber with the help of our TRC solution. You can join this ecosystem and together you can use the potential of suppliers ... and spread the costs among several people. This option is a very interesting idea how to make money for people, restaurants and not large corporations. More about TRC can be found in trainings

And we help. You will receive from us a lot of online training on various topics related to this tool. And if you need help, our concierge is waiting in the boxes!

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