Marketplace generator

Thanks to the marketplace generator, you can build a website where you connect people within a selected group of products

Marketplace generator
Marketplace generator
Marketplace generator
Marketplace generator
Marketplace generator
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With a marketplace generator, you can build a website where people can offer their properties (or other things) to others interested in renting them. The generated market will be available:



  • Under your domain
  • Under your brand
  • With your terms
  • With your payment gateways

The generated marketplace will allow users to search for the availability of offers and book them just like Airbnb or

  • Build a simple map or directory
  • Build a market where you earn commission on every trade


Comprehensive configuration options will allow you to adapt the marketplace to your expert needs:

  • Define product description (fields)
  • Define your search criteria
  • Define access type (private, public or moderated)
  • Define your payment strategy (free, paid or mixed)
  • Specify moderation options

The rental marketplace can work with different payment strategies such as manual transaction completion or full automation with payment partners.




With the help of this tool, you can build your marketplace, regardless of whether it concerns real estate or other things that will be the subject of interaction between people

You can build a map or list of real estate listings added by you or other people

This software can be configured in such a way that there is a list of business cards with their offer. With or without the trading system. That is, a map or a directory of companies with business cards and the ability to go to a specific page

You have the option to build a marketplace that deals with buy and sell offers. Similar to OLX

The system is equipped with a mechanism for checking and controlling the availability:

The platform connects people with each other who make financial transactions with each other without any payment system. If you choose such a model, then the commission is charged on the account balance of the user who can settle the amount due to you

The system allows you to automate the collection and sending of payments with one of the marketplace payment operators. For example, Mangopay

The system allows for automatic calculation of a fixed transaction commission. Both in manual and automatic model

Marketplace can work in a free or paid model. In the free case, the commission is not charged and the transaction system is turned off

You can use ready-made product templates that you want to use

You can add your domain

You can specify how bidders determine its availability. The level of complexity is up to you

If you want your marketplace to be local, you can limit the offers to specific cities or countries

In the marketplace system, each product can be created from scratch. It is described by fields that are built with the help of a simple wizard. these fields must be completed obligatory or not by every person who adds an offer. You can also alert the system to search for a specific field

Possibility to add your regulations and other documents

You can decide that a so-called social fee is charged to the transaction, which can be transferred to one of the added organization accounts that you entered there. This way you can build the social responsibility of your project

You can add any information pages

You can build informative newsletters for customers

You can add any marketing banners

If you use the manual billing type, your account balance can be paid manually or by one of the payment gateway providers

When defining the rental, the customer can choose additional options that will be included in the price


You can share the possibility of introducing a bluemedia payment gateway for the person who adds the offer. He provides his data and the one who rents makes the payment directly to the account of the offeror:

Go here to see the active marketplace demo:

10 minutes? That's it, but it will take you a little longer to set everything up according to your plan

Yes! You will receive from us wizards, online courses and if that does not help, advice from our talented people

Click "use tool", register for free and see there. It's for free

It's actually very simple. The person adding the offer gives his bank account. Whoever rents or buys an offer receives this data and has to pay money for it. After the payment is made, the owner confirms receipt of the payment and the transaction closes. The system keeps the offer unavailable within this period for up to 72 hours. After this time, the deadline (if there is, it returns to the system and can be used)

If you integrate the system with Mangopay and pass their verification, people who will use the system will undergo additional verification. It will allow the paying customer to use a payment card, the funds will be transferred from account to account automatically. However, this requires MangoPay verification. You can use the option to make payment methods available to those who add offers.

If the customer wants it and you share it with him, the customer can add his bluemedia payment gateway. Then the one who rents pays directly to the lessor and the system settles it and calculates the commission

If the system operates in manual mode or through payment gateways made available to customers, the commission balance is calculated after each transaction. The marketplace owner must pay this amount to the indicated bank account or through an internal payment gateway. If the account balance remains negative for 10 days, the adder's offers will be suspended along with the possibility of adding new ones

Yes you can connect your domain

Yes, you can invite colleagues

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