Billing system

Organize financial communication with your clients. Automate your billing and settlement processes. Create a financial customer portal

Billing system
Billing system
Billing system
Billing system
Billing system
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Thanks to the billing system, you can create a workspace to handle all payments from customers:

  • Build invoices
  • Create contracts
  • Build recurring payments
  • Build membership payments
  • Build a customer portal




The billing system takes care of invoicing people, controls the payment status, and supports soft debt collection (primarily through reminders)

One of the most powerful areas of this system is the customer portal where customers can communicate with you regarding billing. They can:

  • View invoices
  • pay for invoices
  • add a credit card to automatic payments
  • check the detailed billing record for the invoice
  • buy your products and memberships

It's the best tool if you run a school or business when you're dealing with prepaid or postpaid payments and need to be in control.



Thanks to the billing platform, you can keep records of your clients and related finances

You have at your disposal a simple system for issuing sales invoices and tracking payments for them


In the billing platform, you can generate documents for the client that you can submit for signature

You can keep a record of any customer orders or purchases. It all depends on whether you settle in the POST or PREPAID model.

Depending on this, a billing record can be associated with one invoice or one invoice with multiple records. For example, when you issue one summary invoice to the customer at the end of the month

You can track the customer's current balance based on the invoices issued to him

You can register all payments from customers in any form, divide them into specific receivables

Invoices issued to the customer are sent with a link under which he can make a payment if you do not use automatic payments, and they are also here

You have the option of building cyclical payments to the customer. Depending on the settlement model (PRE or POST), they are associated with single or collective invoices

You can build product templates that you can use yourself when adding an offer to a customer. But more importantly, you can make them available to the client so that he can buy the service himself.


You can keep a simple record of expenses and their classification to keep it at hand. such a digital repository of accounting documents

Your clients will have access to all financial information and documents in your customizable panel

You can create document templates that will be used to digitally sign contracts with you.

So that it can download all invoices, expense invoices and confirmations of payment balances issued by you and the system

Each client can have access to his panel

You can give the customer the opportunity to provide the card in your panel, or as a requirement to conclude a cyclical/subscription contract. Then this card will be automatically charged when the system or you issue a new invoice

You can build a website where people can buy your one-off or subscription services

with 10 minutes? That's all you need to click the first effects. However, it will take you a few days to play around and get to know all the advanced tools this platform has

Yes! You have generators, online training and our advisor at your disposal. Each company has its own specifics of operation. We will help you configure the system for your needs in the best possible way

This is not a tax settlement system! It does not build any declarations. however, it allows you to automate the full process of settlements with clients and generate documents and reports that the accountant uses for tax settlements

We do not charge any commission, but if you choose to automatically collect payments, the payment partner will probably charge a few zlotys for such help

Bright! If you do not set VAT in the system, you will operate on issued invoices

Yes. You can easily add parents and their children here, define what payments are made for. Record all additional costs and at the end of the month / or the beginning, the system will calculate it, issue a bill and send it to parents

An accountant can give his client a panel for invoices and costs, so it is perfectly suitable

No, if you choose transfers, you must enter the payment yourself or a file with payments generated in the appropriate format. Unfortunately, on the Polish market, automatic access to the transfer register is a very complicated topic, even in terms of current legal regulations

Yes you can, there are several ways to do it. The best is the REST API

Yes. THAT means we send, remind and control the payment date. The system tries to charge the card multiple times, sends people "reminder" information, and so on. It also reports account balances and, in extreme cases, can send the company information about blocking the service by e-mail or via API

How to Build a Proper Billing System for Your Clients

How to Build a Proper Billing System for Your Clients

If you're a small business owner, then you know how important it is to have a billing system in place for your clients. Not only does it make your life easier, but it also shows your clients that you're professional and