Affiliate platform

Build an affiliate or loyalty program for your customers. Reward them for recommending products, services and activities performed

Affiliate platform
Affiliate platform
Affiliate platform
Affiliate platform
Affiliate platform
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Don't ask what you can do for your customers. Instead, ask what customers can do for you!

Our platform of affiliate and partner loyalty programs allows you to build a program that can attract new customers:

  • Reward people for recommending your products or services
  • Reward people for bringing customers
  • Reward people for all their social media activities
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Build trust in your company and its products

A simple wizard will help you set up the program and let you decide in which currency you want to reward users for completing which tasks. This can be regular currency or points. In addition, there is an internal rewards store where users can exchange them for anything you decide to encourage them to do: discounts, coupons, products, tickets and much more.

This tool allows you to control everything to make the program effective: fraud detection, budgets, limits, statistics, payments, deliveries, data privacy and more. Finally, it can run under your domain.


Build your loyalty programme

You can build your own affiliate program to which you invite your customers

You can build a large amount of marketing campaigns

You can connect your domain

Click "Use the tool" register for free and check for yourself

Yes, you have wizards, online training and our help at your disposal

The most advanced users have built communities of 150,000 people with the help of our system

This is quite a broad topic, but let's try to summarize it in 3 sentences. you can build certain dependencies between the performed activities. If the user completes some tasks, he unlocks the next ones. When he gets all the tasks, he opens up additional bonuses or unavailable limited campaigns.

You can combine it online and offline. For example, if a person recommends your product, takes a photo and records a review, comes to the store once for an organized action, will have, for example, an invitation to an exclusive event.

You build these kinds of dependencies yourself

It depends on you. You can build a system based on collecting points but also on normal currency that you pay out. To facilitate this, we have built KYC tools to collect information about people in the system.

You can, but you must be helped by a developer to connect our API. Integrated rise stores already have this integration built in

It's not enabled by default, but you'll find a magic button that allows you to build infamous trees :)

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