Course Builder

Create your own online training. Add lessons, task lists, files or webinars to it. Share them with your customers, let them buy

Course Builder
Course Builder
Course Builder
Course Builder
Course Builder
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Thanks to this tool, you can quickly build your course and earn money on it. It is equipped with everything you need to successfully carry out your online education mission



  • Different types of access control: public, private, paid or donation
  • Your web address or unique domain
  • Course Creator: add lessons, files, links, videos and audios
  • Add tests with certificates
  • Add checklists with time control access
  • Creating additional content to achieve goals
  • Build a community around the course

You can start sharing your knowledge almost immediately


You have the option to build your own course page

The course can be hosted under an integrated unique link or your own web domain

Create accounts for users to get into the course

Set a price and let people buy access to the course

Share your course for free, e.g. with optional payment option

Add and configure different types of lessons

Go here: and click public access to get inside. you can generate such a page with the help of the odds generator, of course configure it in a very wide way

It takes 5 minutes to build the course. Entering content depends on whether you already have it or you will write it :)

This is how we help you get your course as soon as possible

Click the "Use this tool" button and find out what it looks like. It's for free

Yes, of course you set the price and we take care of the rest

Yes, you can specify public access to the course and anyone can access it

Yes, you can create user accounts, they will get access via email

Yes you can, no problem you have an editor with lots of options

Yes, sure!

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