How to use private video rooms

Build video or audio conference room fully private

How to use private video rooms
How to use private video rooms
How to use private video rooms
How to use private video rooms
How to use private video rooms
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VLI is a web-based video system where people can create video or audio rooms to talk privately in a Peer-to-Peer encrypted channel

How it works:

It is a SaaS product (Software as a Service). It means people can go to a website and instantly build their own accounts where they can create video links (VLI). They send the video link to other parties and talk using a web-browser on computer or mobile phone

Simple example of usage by end-client:

A businessmen would like to talk with a lawyer privately. He doesn't want to use a phone or public communication system like zoom or google. He use VLI to create peer-to-peer room. The signal is transferred between lawyer and him without any server in between, the transmission is encrypted in SSL channel the same that is used in online banking.

During the conversation they can exchange thoughts, links and files on a private chat and if necessary invite others

Who is the end-client:

All companies related to business, such us:

  • Business
  • Teachers
  • Physicians
  • Lawyers
  • Enterprises
  • Coaches
  • Events

Core values:

The detailed description of the system values and functions you will find in a wiki section. but here is the summary of the most important ones:

Private (P2P)

Our system is using peer-2-peer connection between video chat members which makes this conversation very private


The video-call is encrypted with the same SSL protection that is used in banks all over the world

Link based

Your clients can build rooms that will be available through a unique link that can be sent to other parties

Private screen sharing

Parties can share the screen in a private channel

Available lessons

Core values

"What you should know"

Build a video room

"How to create it"


"Add logo, colors, etc"