Tickets selling page

Build a website where people can buy tickets. Use our ticket verification apps

Tickets selling page
Tickets selling page
Tickets selling page
Tickets selling page
Tickets selling page
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With this tool you will be able to build a website where you will be able to sell tickets. what tickets? any type.

You just add an offer, define it as tickets, set quantities and let people buy or reserve it.

When people buy their tickets, they will be able to download a nicely generated PDF file with unique ticket details and a QR code that can be used to check the validity of the ticket.

Tickets can be limited to the full amount and per customer. Tickets can also be made permanent with perpetual validity.

The customer can enter his customer panel to view the purchased tickets.

With this tool, you can not only sell tickets, but also manage and check them.

We understand that selling tickets is one thing and checking them is another. That's why with our mobile app you can easily scan your tickets at your door or gates and the app will show you if the ticket has been used before.



Very simple. You add your product in the form of a ticket. You specify what the ticket is for, set the date, place and conditions. You also enter the minimum quantities per person and the overall pool limit. You get a website where people can buy a ticket from you

Yes, the ticket voucher is generated automatically. it contains data and a special QR code

You have two options:

a) There is a tickets tab in the system and you enter its number there and change its statute

b) You can use the mobile app to manage tickets and scan the QR code

You can install an application for yourself or employees in which they can peak the QR code. A green or red screen will appear on the smartphone screen indicating whether the ticket is valid and has been used. You click, you enter. Great thing for queue entry

Yes, you can generate it in the management panel and you can send it to the client

Yes they are, but you can change them to reusable ones

It depends on you. In the system, you can download shortened data such as name and telephone number, or extended data with full data. All information will appear in the application when checking the ticket. How you make them yourself is up to you

The ticket is kind of a voucher so you can use it to sell vouchers

Yes you can. You can add people with different permissions to run your event in the best possible way

Yes you can do it. Add any subpage related to the event

Yes you can do it

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