Rooms Builder

Build a video room where you can broadcast what you want to a wider audience. Build access lists, collect payments

Rooms Builder
Rooms Builder
Rooms Builder
Rooms Builder
Rooms Builder
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With this tool, you will be able to build a live streaming service that will meet all your needs in terms of.



Some important options:

  • Broadcast live events from your phone
  • 24/7 streaming service
  • Chat for better communication
  • Live file uploading and sharing
  • Built-in screen sharing

You can hide your stream behind a paywall and earn money from access purchases. All other options like password, time scheduling and email notifications are built in.


You have the ability to create a conference room in 5 minutes

You can create a private room for one-to-one conversations or in a slightly wider group

You can build a room in the formula of broadcasting to more people, where you broadcast and the rest listen by asking questions and chatting

You can build a page where your users will learn more about the room and the conditions for entering it

You can collect interested people for your webinars that will take place in the future. A reminder link will be sent to the e-mail address provided on the day and hour before the start of the broadcast

You can sell access to your webinar simply by setting a simple price

You can limit the number of people on the webinar

As long as you run the feed in safari on iOS and chrome on android

You have access to collected leads to which you can send a message

Check the "Use this tool" button. Register for free and see for yourself

3 minutes if you click slowly

No, you don't have to, it's a web-based service

The system can scale the image depending on what bandwidth you have. However, in order to serve a larger number of people, try to work on a computer connected to the fixed-line internet or wifi, not on a mobile phone

Transmissions take place in peer-ro-peer channels and are encrypted with SSL So this is safe and even “intimate”

if you use a room for up to 10 people then yes, but in the broadcast service only you are the sender, the only right one

To reserve a place must pay immediately! And if you have only the payment without limits, it must be done before entering. If he pays earlier a day and an hour before the event, he will receive a notification with an access link

No, they are not, although if you want to let us know and we will tell you how you can record it yourself

in general, open your browser and when a window pops up asking you to share your camera and microphone, agree. If you don't agree, nothing will be seen and heard on the other side, it's that simple. If you also use a non-modern browser, remember that it is best to use Chrome on your computer

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