Online shop

With an online store builder, you can build a website where people can buy your products.

Online shop
Online shop
Online shop
Online shop
Online shop
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With an online store builder, you can build a website where people can buy your products. 



The system supports all types of online sales:

  • Single product sale
  • Product Configuration
  • A product catalog (with a search engine)
  • Private shop (requires registration and approval)

With a simple onboarding process, you can add your domain, logo, and description to help you promote your brand. You can sell in minutes, but you can spice it up if you want:

  • Customize product pages
  • Use stock to control product availability
  • Define simple or advanced shipping methods
  • Using an automatic returns system

The store has different configurations of payment gateways to help you accept any type of payment. A store without proper marketing and SEO will not work. This is why:

  • You can build a full SEO description of products for modern positioning in Google
  • You can include marketing platforms like Adwords, and Facebook to build attractive campaigns
  • You can build promotional banners, offers, deals, add-on suggestions





Easy and friendly online store generator

You have at your disposal a built-in store address under the selected domain. You can also connect your domain

You can connect your web domain

You can choose the payment methods that are convenient for you

You can choose different forms of delivery, integrate with selected suppliers, such as Parcel Locker

You may or may not use pre-defined industry templates

You can choose a convenient product template

You can choose how you want to present your product descriptively

You can define which products to combine to increase sales

You can set the choice of product variant, including specifying their quantity in the warehouse

You can specify paid add-ons that the customer can buy for a specific product

You can specify the quantities of products on sale in different variants

You can import stock levels from an XLS/CSV file according to the indicated format

You can add a sales widget to your website

Such as an order or an invoice/bill


You can set the price depending on the choice of variant and control sales in this variant through a simple warehouse system

You can describe the product in more detail with data important for its specificity and shipping. You can also add documents in the form of PDF files like manuals and the like

You have the ability to download and submit reviews about purchases in your store

The store has an advanced product shipping configurator. It allows you to run a product with a single price, but also to condition the price on the size, quantity and area

You have the option of creating partner accounts and generating links for them, thanks to which they can invite others to the store and receive a designated commission from you

You have access to the full API in the REST model where you can download and add data

In stores, you have the opportunity to choose your offer, which you will add to public squares

5 minutes, you go through a simple wizard and nothing else. You don't need to install anything

Of course. You have a lot of online training at your disposal, which we will give you in the package and you always have our concierge to help you

Join the tool and see the terms of use inside. It costs nothing

Go to and there you will see what and how

Yes you can! You can also give them a special web application where orders will flow

It's easy! By mail, phone and in our mobile application! All devices will make sounds so you don't forget :)

You will find integration with Paczkomatem and other courier providers

All popular. Bluemedia, Dotpay, Przelewy24, Paypal, Stripe, etc

There are plenty of marketing building tools in the store itself. Discount codes, banners, newletter, affiliate program. You will receive a series of trainings that will teach you how to use it to promote your store. In addition, we will show you how to use social media in an effective way

Of course! All you have to do is tell us what you care about and we will do everything to give you such integration in the system as soon as possible

First of all, the simplicity of construction. You can click a shop with several products in 15 minutes and start selling. we are ideal for building solutions in the phase when you have up to 20 products and expanding it to hundreds with additional options

Our store has no upper limit of products. However, it was designed to build medium-sized online stores. So if you are looking for a solution for thousands of products, our store may not be convenient for you

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