Online drive

Build your hard drive in the cloud and share files with others. Build secure drop zones for protected transfers

Online drive
Online drive
Online drive
Online drive
Online drive
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This tool allows you to build an online drive in the form of a secured website. It is very similar to Dropbox and you can use it to store files online and share them securely with others


One of the significant advantages of this tool is privacy. It will encrypt every file you save in this cloud storage system. You set the key at the beginning and only with this key you can decode files.

  • Online powered website
  • Encrypted
  • Version control, file backup
  • Download history
  • Locking files
  • Drop zones for secured files to be transferred to disk

You can easily use it in your organization by sharing access with others. Invited people will be able to build their spaces in your security system. It's the perfect solution for any business dealing with more customers and sensitive data.

With the help of this tool you will generate your space for files in the cloud

You will have access to a unique website where you and your employees can work

Encryption is the system default. You choose one of two levels of acceptable security.

  • Simple access (key stored on server)
  • Key access (the key must be entered by each user, not stored on the server

You have access to a tree view where you will find the files and folders you create

You can set different file and folder access permissions for your employees

You have access to the version control system of the same file, you know its change history

You can track who, when and where downloaded information

We have built in a system to protect files from being deleted by bad employees

You can invite other people to your drive by entering their email and specifying permissions

You can build an external file dump site where people can anonymously submit data to you

You can use the disk to export the public link to a file and use it in hosting

You can have a discussion about a specific file and folder

You can build employee access only to your files and those you share. Both individually and in groups

You can enforce token-based dual authorization from the app

The system has a built-in preview of encrypted files, without the need to download them to the disk

How to Protect Your Files with an Online Drive

How to Protect Your Files with an Online Drive

Are you looking for a way to protect your files? An online drive may be the answer. Online drives offer many benefits, including convenient access from any device, increased security, and automatic backups.