Membership manager

Automate the process of collecting payments from members of your organization or customers. Build a portal where they can buy such a membership

Membership manager
Membership manager
Membership manager
Membership manager
Membership manager
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With a membership manager, you can offer membership products.

  • Build a member area
  • Create membership sales pages
  • Build contracts with recurring payments

You can invite users to your membership panel or send them a link to a unique website where they can join.

Building your membership is easy with the membership manager. You can specify the name, price and length and generate a page that customers can use. If your business needs more control over the situation, you can take advantage of several valuable features:

  • Force the use of a credit card to automate monthly charging
  • Use an advanced form instead of a simple one to collect complete customer information
  • Force acceptance of the agreement before activating the membership

Customize Memberships! They can be infinite or limited in time.

The membership manager will collect monthly billing from your head. If the customer does not have the money to renew the membership, the system will solve this problem with trials and reminders. If this fails, the membership status will change to "suspended". We provide an app that will quickly check if your membership is active. So if you run a gym, this can be very useful for you.


Click on "use the tool", register for free and learn more about it

Very simple all in all. You build a membership profile. You specify how much the beneficiary should pay monthly (or otherwise). You specify whether to provide a small or large range of information to activate the membership and everything. The system generates a page where the customer can buy this membership.

You can also not sell them in this way and add them yourself in the system. Then the member will receive an e-mail invitation to the panel where he can view the data and active membership package. Or pay if you want

Yes. If you want to download them automatically, you need to integrate one of the operators, but we'll show you how to do it easily

Yes! has its member panel. there he sees all active contracts. He also sees the invoices that have been generated. He can also add or change his payment methods

Or maybe, build products and you have the option to place an internal store there

If you have ordered an automatic download then yes, the card will be charged. And if there is no payment method, or you did not want to add one, then an invoice will be sent with information on where to transfer the money.

In the system, you have a simple search engine. You enter customer details and it shows you if they have an active membership. What's more, when you owe money, you'll see your debt balance

Yes, the system will try to do it several times and if, according to your settings, it fails to collect the payment, it will block this membership

Yes. You can construct your contract, ask the member for details and then have them sign it. Only then can he pay and start the service. This signature may simply be ticking a tickbox or attaching a scan of the signed document

Yes, he has access to the panel where he can view and change his data!

Yes, you can do whatever you want, it's a free system :)

The sale can be as simple as providing an email and credit card, or as complicated as providing an email, card and all birth details, PESEL and other things. You decide what strategy you need.

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