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Build your group page, invite participants and create your community. It's all with the help of the rise group generator

Group Builder
Group Builder
Group Builder
Group Builder
Group Builder
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Using the group builder , you can build your private Facebook group . With this group:

  • You can build your community
  • You can communicate with your community
  • You can use it to discuss or inform your audience
  • Built-in video podcast recording
  • Built-in internal newsletter
  • Built-in scheduled newsletter
  • Built-in paywall for monetization
  • Build full white label personalization
  • your domain

Move your Facebook group to your private area and earn money.


You have the option to build your own group, which is similar to what you see on facebook

You can connect any Internet domain to your group or use an internal address

You can set whether the entrance to the group is paid. If so, it will require a monthly fee

Each person who joins your group will have to be approved by you

If your group is paid you can use a code generator that a human can enter to skip payment

You can set the group to inform mode. Then only you (and other administrators) will be able to add content.

You can give any user administrative privileges

You can add photos to the group

You can record a video directly on the website, you can upload your own MP4 file or provide a Youtube link

You can add files and share them with others

Go to and register your account

5 minutes, you don't need anything else to start inviting people to it

Click use the tool, register for free and see for yourself

It's quite simple. You click "record" next to the video post, a window opens and you record a vlog, which you then publish on the group. This file is available only in this group and is not published on any YouTube

You need to make sure your terms and conditions contain a clause that anyone who watches this is an adult. According to our terms of use, we do not prohibit it, but we do not allow the publication of this content for minors

Your group can be completely private, but if you want to get users with us, you can add it to a collective group platform where others can search for it.

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