With Customer CRM, you can build your online customer database with all the necessary information and share it with your colleagues

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Our CRM system is designed to make your life easier. We started with a simple question "How to transfer data from an excel sheet so that you can work on them together. In this way, we built CRM in the form of a list similar to the one you see in excel.

Over time and customer needs, our CRM system has been built into a huge number of modules that are supposed to make life easier for you, your employees and customers. In short, you can collect, manage and process the data you need here. The basic tab looks something like this:



More or less, because its design and what you see on it depends on your settings. You have about 20 different modules at your disposal, which you can freely use in your company. For example:



Thanks to our CRM system, you can easily store customer data, issue an invoice, add a notification about the expiry of the contract. All this in a simple and accessible way:



Our CRM system is designed to help you work with other people. You can share all data in the way you choose. This applies to both your colleagues and clients:



Great emphasis was also placed on the aspect of team communication. This applies to both useful mobile applications and the Chat or dashboard communication system:



You have the ability to collect a database of your clients, employees, associates, resources

You can add any field to a customer or customers card. And build such a resource of collected information that interests you

You can export any customer list / database to an Excel file. We also allow you to import this file

You can build such a view yourself, but we provide three pre-defined views to quickly navigate the system

You can define how invited users have access to the whole, group or individual datasets

For each record on the list, e.g. customers, you can build a panel to which it has access. In this panel, he can see his information and resources and even enter them there.

You have the ability to freely design what the data set looks like on your list. So as to adjust it to your needs

You can force the system to watch if the records are already in your database, especially important when working with many salespeople who assign themselves the first customers

You can build an external form so that customers add themselves to your lists. You can use the widget to place it on your website


You have the option of sending Emails and SMS messages to individual users as well as to defined groups and categories

You can build your sales funnel quite simple or not so simple. Record information about the stage of the offer for a specific customer and generate a report on this basis. You can also build lists of tasks, reminders, assets, recursion, and more

Collect information about employees, print and build contracts for them.

Build a record sheet of your assets. Equipment, premises, movable and immovable property

Collect information about contractors and important data


Build a database of your clients' assets. Add expiration dates for contracts or services with an automatic reminder before they expire

Collect information about cost invoices within the customer's card

Collect meetings of your employees and clients and generate relevant reports on them

Add a team communication module to the customer panel to keep a history of customer problems.

Build customer metrics that will help you understand them better. Generate graphs related to the change of this value over time

Build templates for documents, contracts offers. Allow employees to generate them with one click

The system has a full REST API enabling integration with any other IT system

The system works on all platforms, including mobile platforms

The most advanced users of our system have about 50,000 records in their lists

Each type of access is assigned a data limit, which we consider normal. However, if you are operating above the norm, you can increase the amount of disk data for your files. Yes, it will cost you more, but reasonably

Currently in 15 languages, and if you want it to work in one that is not available, just tell us

Yes, you have access to the CRM system through our mobile application

Yes, although we make sure that you do it yourself as the owner and not your employees

There is no upper limit on the number of such people. It can be several or several hundred if you are building a platform for working with traders

The servers are located in the EU or Great Britain. If you need it, you have the option of signing a contract with us that will ensure you security in terms of GDPR.

The data is regularly backed up to a third location. So as to provide you with the best possible security of their storage

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