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Build a website where people can buy your files, documents, tickets, lessons, training, videos and more

Content selling page
Content selling page
Content selling page
Content selling page
Content selling page
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Our content selling system is designed to help you sell files, whatever they are. If you are an architect, musician, business consultant or teacher, you can automate the process of transferring your knowledge to others.

  • You can sell any kind of files
  • You can pack your files
  • You can use this system to provide access to files on your client panel or through access codes

This tool will generate a website (or widget) where your customers can purchase access to your files. After purchase, the system provides access to files that are valid at a certain time and is fully protected.

This platform allows you to create a website where customers can buy content of all types

Add your video materials and sell access to them through your website

Upload your files and sell access to them

Add your event data and sell automatically generated tickets

You can add your content, create packages consisting of several elements that will be distributed to users after purchase or entering the code

You don't have to sell your content, you can generate and distribute access codes yourself. Eg join your offline sales

The generated code is entered by the client on your website

And after entering it has access to the uploaded content

The system can work with uploaded content as well as shared content, e.g. via YouTube

You can specify maximum and minimum sales limits

You can add a content sales and distribution widget to your website

You can add any information subpage on your content sales page

You have the ability to quickly scan and check generated tickets

Generate links for partners and pay them for the clients they bring

You can upload your PDF, such as a conference presentation, and add a special watermark to it to control its distribution

Click "Use the tool", register and learn more. It costs nothing and carries no obligations

5 minutes? Well, maybe 15 if you read everything. But seriously, after the initial familiarization, it will take you a few days to prepare a professional offer

Yes! you have friendly wizards at your disposal, online training and if that's not enough, our team will help

Yes! You can build tickets. Sell them in different models or generate them manually. Our mobile application will quickly help you check the validity of your event ticket. In addition, the content distribution system will allow you to provide conference participants with materials based on a special code that you generate

Yes. You can upload your design files and sell them to customers. You can add extra fees like modifying the project manually. Then, after creating it, you upload a new file and send the access code to the client who downloads it from the website. In addition, the customer has everything in one place

Yes! You can upload your online workouts here and sell access to them

You probably won't beat netflix, but you will definitely earn more than on it :) Become your own distributor

Yes. Additionally marked if you do not want someone to illegally pass them on to each other

Yes! You can generate unique vouchers. And the person who receives them can quickly check the validity, authenticity and value of the voucher

Yes! We call it limited access. For example, to check what customers have bought, or to scan tickets

NO! You can upload them directly to us and we will take care of their distribution.

Yes you can. Both on youtube and vimeo. You pack them in content packs and put them up for sale. A person gets access to them on your website

Yes! Here you can not only let people buy your services, but also upload packages with purchased photos and give a special access code to the client.

By definition yes. Once a code is used by someone, it cannot be used by anyone else. However, you can change the nature of the code to a "reusable" code and thus distribute it to many people outside the purchasing system

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