Contact Form

Build a page with forms where customers can add themselves to your database with any data you want

Contact Form
Contact Form
Contact Form
Contact Form
Contact Form
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Build a website with the form fields you need. Generate a unique link and pass it on to interested people. After completing the form, they will be added to your database for you to work on



Just direct them to the website and select the data you want to collect. All data will be in one place and you will be notified if someone is interested in your services



the perfect building tool:

  • contact form
  • application form
  • Valuation form
  • Risk assessment form
  • project form

This form will be available under a unique link that you place where you want

Which do you want! A field generator is built into the system

Yes, that's what the built-in auto-responder is for

Yes, you can set the appropriate notification

Yes, you can invite collaborators to this database

Yes, you can add notes and information you need to each record

Go to the database settings and click the form activation button

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