Call center / Telemarketing

Create a contact center with a potential customer using a phone call. Call customers with reminders, offer or debt collection

Call center / Telemarketing
Call center / Telemarketing
Call center / Telemarketing
Call center / Telemarketing
Call center / Telemarketing
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Call customers with reminders, offer or debt collection. Build a history of communication with clients, record conversations and describe the matters dealt with during the conversation.



Thanks to the telemarketing platform, you can build your call center. The system is suitable for:

  • Cold calling with or without script
  • Warm calling to existing customers
  • Reminders are ringing

System operators use CRM with all the necessary information about the customer, including contact history. To make a call, just find the recording and click the button. The connection is made via headphones directly from the computer. System advantages:

  • Contact history
  • Recording of each call on the client's card
  • Call reminder to continue or call back
  • Support for an international number using integration
  • Automatic loading of the next available conversation

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No, just a simple browser, headphones with a microphone. But you need to connect to the telecom operator, we will show you how to do it

It depends on the country of course. We will show you the full price list in the system

Yes, many people can use the system and make outgoing calls

Yes, they can do it during the conversation

Yes they can, you can prepare templates and with one click they will do it including the attachment

This is how they can add mutual invitations for both the client and the merchant in the calendar

Yes, he can call back the customer with the click of a button

Unfortunately, he can't do that. However, he can assign the record to another operator and notify him to call back

You can even add 100 operators in different countries

You can, but only if you build a separate integration for each database (list).

This is how conversations are recorded and a record is kept.

It can't, it can only be done by an admin when it comes to recordings. Whereas records, it depends on you and your settings

We have added a magic "next" button that takes the next record without calling the pool for execution

Yes, in the call log you have data about the user who is talking

Yes you can, we call this limiting the list to assigned clients only. You select which ones to share with him and he can do this calling task

He can do that if you let him :)

How to build your own contact center

How to build your own contact center

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