Assets Manager

Manage your assets and equipment with details and deadlines. Keep track of everything your client has, create evidence reports

Assets Manager
Assets Manager
Assets Manager
Assets Manager
Assets Manager
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This tool will help you track your client's assets. Any type of asset.

For example, you can keep records of all customer contracts, apartment and vehicle rentals, insurance, furniture, items, you name it.



Setting the validity of a contract with an expiration date will help you keep track of deadlines. The system will notify you of this expiration before it happens… or the system can also inform your client automatically if you wish.

For example, if you sell insurance, you'll know when it expires so you can contact the customer and offer them a renewal.

You can also access the evidence tool. For example, you can build a detailed list of assets owned by you or your clients.”

For example, you own several apartments and rent them out to tenants. You use the system to store information about the items belonging to the apartment, their condition and quantities, such as furniture, equipment, dishes, etc.

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Just a list of what the customer has, a simple list of things with value and expiration date

The record is more than a register, because it allows you to enter a detailed description of the asset being recorded. For example, you describe what the car has inside, or the apartment you rent. You enter quantities, values and then build reports from it

Because the system is smart enough to send a reminder to you (and/or) the client that something is about to expire. For example, if the asset is a car insurance contract, the system will notify you of expiration to renew it

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How to Implement an Effective Asset Management System

How to Implement an Effective Asset Management System

An effective asset management system is critical for any organization that wants to keep track of its physical assets. Such a system can help an organization keep track of where its assets are, how they are being used, a